41 weeks (plus)

Even though the median length of pregnancy for first time moms with uncomplicated pregnancies is 41 weeks 1 day, I very much expected to have this baby by now.  But instead I’m still pregnant.

As the days roll by I’m finding more to worry about in the middle of the night, primarily regarding the health of the baby.  So I took it upon myself to do a little research today, and as I suspected, there is lots of support for the case for waiting for labor to start naturally on its own, in the absence of signs of fetal distress. The baby has been moving well and I’m seeing the midwife twice a week to be sure all is well with him, so no worries as yet of him having any trouble.

That said, I’m ready to move on the next phase of this journey, and get this baby out here into the world.  And we’re planning to have him at home, which may still be possible if I hit 42 weeks, but gets a little more complicated due to a variety of issues.

Despite my eagerness to have the baby, though, I have no regrets about quitting my job at 37 weeks. Granted, I very much expected to need the time before the baby came to get the house ready and clean and de-stress myself. Instead I’m now on my third time through the house-cleaning cycle, and am more stress-free than I’ve probably been in my entire adult life, and have probably watched more TV in the last month than I had in the last 2 years. But it’s also been a kind of special golden time to be at home, practicing being a housewife, and spending lots of time with Jeremy in our last few days as just-the-two-of-us.

Moving forward I’m not really sure what I’ll be doing with this blog. I’ll obviously have lots more mommy-related things to discuss than I used to. I have no idea how much time or motivation I’ll have to do any writing here. I thought it would be a great place to get down my thoughts throughout this pregnancy but that didn’t really happen.

If anyone’s still reading, I’ll see you around at some point!


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