28 Weeks

I’m 28 weeks pregnant, and this blogging while pregnant thing has really not been happening.

In my defense, work has been extremely busy, and while most folks talk about the 2nd trimester being the golden stage of pregnancy, it was not so easy for me.  Unless by golden they mean lots of aches and pains and not sleeping. Strangely, now that I’ve entered the third trimester, I’m feeling much better. (Although maybe I’m just managing it better.)

The Fetus Has a Penis

Guess what, the baby is a boy! (Jeremy announced it to our friends and family with a facebook post that said just what the title of this section says.) I’m finally starting to get used to the idea of a little boy with a little penis growing inside me. I think because I only have a sister I just assumed I would have a girl. That and the fact that about 5 random people guessed that the baby would be a girl. Based on absolutely no evidence of course, but you hear something enough and it starts to feel true.

Jeremy’s stoked to be having a boy (aren’t all men?), and I’m just stoked that we’re having a baby either way.

The Work Thing

One of the big dilemmas for me during the second trimester was what to do about my job. The last couple of months were a really stressful time at my job, with more work than one person could reasonably do.  As soon as I recovered from my first trimester illness woes, I started working 60-70 hour weeks just stay afloat at work. For some folks it’s not busy until you’re working 80 hours or more, but for me, the hours I was putting in were completely out of balance and unsustainable. I need time to craft, cook, clean, and just dream and do nothing, and I didn’t feel like I had time for any of that. I suffered and I’m sorry to say that Jeremy probably suffered a bit too.

And my thoughts inevitably led to how this kind of job would work out after the baby comes, and I got really clear that I have no interest in working that much when we have a baby. I’m a huge fan of attachment parenting, and the whole going back to work full time after 4 months just doesn’t make sense to me and how I want to care for this baby.

So, after 4.5 years I’m going to resign from my job. Jeremy’s supportive of me taking at least 6 months to just be with the baby, and then we’ll see. I couldn’t be more thrilled to have the freedom to do this. I’m hoping I’ll figure out some way to work part time or do some contract work once the time comes, but we’ll see how it works out. For sure I’ll have six months were my only three jobs will be mom, homemaker, and wife, and at the moment that sounds like a pretty full and wonderful life.

On Taking Care Of My Body While It Grows Another Body Inside Of It

I’ve quit doing CrossFit. I’ll just come right out and say it.

I was unpleasantly surprised with how many aches and pains this pregnancy created in my body, and right in the middle of the second trimester when everyone kept asking me how great I felt. I’m afraid I was a bit of a complainer for a while there. It peaked on Thanksgiving weekend when I didn’t sleep for a whole night and started bawling at 5 am when Jeremy pulled the covers back that I had stolen. That was the morning I discovered the “pillow throne” (as I like to think of it, I feel like an aging queen all propped up in bed – it’s a pile of 3 or 4 big pillows so I’m semi-reclining).  It’s not really that comfortable, but for whatever reason it allows me to sleep.

When my back and hips were so tense like that, it just didn’t make sense to go lifting barbells, so I decided it was time to stop CrossFit. I hoped to be one of those women I’ve read about who stays ultra-active right through childbirth, but that’s not the way it’s gone.

And really I’m actually OK with it. One thing I’ve learned from my midwife and our prenatal group meetings is that when you’re having a baby you can prepare yourself as well as possible, but you can’t plan everything. Things will happen as they happen. I’m growing a new person and it’s at the same time one of the most commonplace and one of the most profound things a woman can do.

Funny enough, now that I’ve hit the third trimester, I’m feeling ten times better. I even went to the gym this morning, and although I’ve certainly lost some strength already due to not working out for a month, I feel great.

I do have a few of the typical pregnancy complaints, namely swollen ankles, shortness of breath, and a tendency to get tired, but these all feel like an easy enough burden to bear when growing another person from scratch, no? I’ve also gained about 22 pounds so far, and my body feels like that’s probably the right amount, so I’m happy with it.


I make no promises at this point. I’d love to blog regularly, and get back to posting about our garden (it’s a mess!) and chickens (they’re doing great!), and writing up recipes again, but who knows what life has in store. Blogging doesn’t usually come first, it gets bumped when other bits of life clamor for attention. Plus I’m guessing I’ll be a little busy once the baby comes.

So if you’re still reading, thanks! It’s so great have you here! I’ll try to post more stuff, someday, maybe even soon!


2 thoughts on “28 Weeks

  1. Carolyn Jung says:

    Congrats on the boy! And I think you have way more important things to attend to at this point than blogging. You can always come back to it. But you go through the birth of your son only once. Cherish it and enjoy it. 😉

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