What’s New?

Hey people! Sorry I’ve been so silent around here. You see, I’ve had something on my mind that has prevented me from writing about anything else. A bit of a secret. People ask “What’s new?” and I have to say, “Oh nothing much,” when really on the inside I’m yelling, “Something exciting!!” And blogging is like one big ‘How are you? What’s going on?’, so I’ve been avoiding it.

So what’s this secret? Maybe you’ve already guessed, but it’s a secret that you have to keep for 3 months and then you can’t really keep it secret any more, because it starts to become obvious.

Yep, I’m pregnant! If you know me you know that Jeremy and I have been trying for about a year and a half. I’d frankly become pretty sure it wasn’t going to happen naturally for us. But here I am, 14 and a half weeks pregnant.

The first trimester wasn’t too much fun. Nausea, heartburn, profound exhaustion, all that. I had great intentions of staying strictly paleo/primal while pregnant, but I sure wasn’t able to keep it up. I felt like I needed more refined carbs, and baked sweet potatoes weren’t cutting it. So I ate some rice, and some oatmeal, which devolved into a bagel or a pastry here and there.

I managed to get to CrossFit at least once or twice a week and either run or walk another 1 or 2 times a week, but there were days when it was rough.  And the nausea would be fine when I woke up early for CrossFit, but then after the workout it would hit me like a ton of bricks and I just wanted to go to bed.

The other thing that happened over the course of weeks 6-9 was that I rapidly lost 20-30% on all my heavy lifts.  My muscles just couldn’t move the same amount of weight.  It was an interesting experience after 7 months of continuous improvement, to suddenly be going the other direction. I think the body just redirects its energy though, and I’m fine with it.

Now that I’ve hit the second trimester I’m back to feeling like a normal person, eating has gotten easier and working out has gotten easier again too. In fact, today’s workout was Fight Gone Bad, and I got a respectable 199 reps. Probably not what I could have done pre-pregnancy, but not too shabby.

I’m also feeling more like a normal person in that I have energy for cleaning and cooking and laundry and such.  There were about 5 weeks in the beginning where it felt like I could just  barely get my job done at work, and that was all I had in me. Jeremy had to fend for himself for food and the house got really dirty. Lucky for me, he picked up the slack and kept the chickens cared for and the garden watered and a variety of other things that I was no help at all with.

As far as my diet goes, my appetite is healthy now, but my tastes have changed a bit.  I find I can’t stomach nearly as much meat as I could pre-pregnancy, especially beef. Which is ironic because we just stocked the chest freezer with another quarter cow from Holding Ranch. It’s some great tasting, really good quality beef, but I just don’t want it. Eggs, chicken, fish, and bacon are still sounding delicious, so I’m getting plenty of protein, just far less than before. One of my favorite pregnancy foods is plain yogurt.

So that’s the news with me. I was supposed to do the Tough Mudder tomorrow, but I’m skipping it.  Maybe next year!


4 thoughts on “What’s New?

  1. jannamo says:

    Ah, I love coconut flour pancakes, but those look particularly good. Coconut flour is magic in how little you need.

    I’m awkward/inappropriate all the time, so no worries, just thanks for the good wishes. One day we’ll have to have baby Osborne meet Uncle Gary. The kid will love you cause you’ll be all strong and throw them in the air and stuff.

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