We’re practically self-sufficient at this point

I’m completely joking about self-sufficiency, we’re no where near that and not even shooting for it.  But this is damn eggs-citing!  (Haha, punny.)

Anyways, we found our first egg on Thurdsay after work, and we weren’t quite sure who layed it.  In the intervening 40 hours or so, we’ve found these three more, and by now we’re pretty sure which two are laying (Xena and Lucy).

For a little perspective on how teeny tiny these eggs are, here’s a pic of them in the carton with some jumbo eggs from the farmer’s market.

I used my digital scale to compare weights, and one of those big boys was 2.7 ounces, while our little new-girl egg was just 1 dainty ounce.

I’m pretty freaking excited to be getting such wonderful nutritious food items from our charming little pet chickens.  Chickens are the best!


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