The Latest on Me – a Fitness Update

I think I need me one of these t-shirts. Via Nom Nom Paleo.  I’m also loving her Clean Your Plate design.

At Crossfit Sunnyvale yesterday we worked on deadlifts and I got a PR at 233 pounds. That was pretty freaking awesome.

While I go through ups and downs with my diet that affect my mood pretty severely, CrossFit is an enduring positive in my life these days. It doesn’t matter whether I kick ass like yesterday, or I have a super-sucky, come-in-dead-last kind of day, it always feels like a triumph. It’s why I love CrossFit so much.

Last week we sprinted 100 meters and then did 50 squats for time, and then repeated that 4 more times. I was the last one finished on 4 out of the 5 reps. But it didn’t matter – How can you avoid feeling great about yourself when you do 250 squats as fast as you can?


I started weighing myself again, and I’ve learned a few new things about how to take care of my body this last month. Intuitive eating (tuning in to my body to decide what to eat) only works when I don’t eat crap that creates cravings. Namely sugar.  Sugar is not my friend. Fresh fruit is fine, but only a piece or two a day. Dried fruit, almonds, and gluten-free granola are all delicious foods, that all unfortunately have a tendency to create a cascade of overindulgence, ending in things like cups of Cinnamon Toast Crunch (free at work) or peanut butter cups.  These are foods that seem like a great idea at the time, or that I really deserve when things are busy at work. But by the end of a day where I’ve eaten stuff like that, I am in a foul, foul mood and feeling pretty shitty about life in general. That kind of crappy food is also clearly the cause of gaining back 8 pounds over the last 2 months while I wasn’t weighing myself.

Just FYI, working out in a really intense way like CrossFit will make you stronger, more flexible, and have better endurance for all kinds of things, BUT it won’t cause weight loss on it’s own Especially if you indulge in Cinnamon Toast Crunch and peanut butter cups. Obvious, maybe, but worth reminding myself of. I’ve continued to make strength and stamina gains while also packing some fat back on my body with sugar during the last two months.

So I’m refocusing again on eating real foods, and avoiding stuff that I know doesn’t work for me. Dark chocolate (80% or above) with no soy ingredients is still in. Coconut cream is still in. Anything made by Kellogg’s or Mars is out, out, out.


An aside: I went to the NorCal Regional CrossFit Games last weekend with my friend Kimberly. Wow, there are some strong and fit folks in this sport, and it was interesting to see the variety of body types, especially among the women. Certainly they were all muscular, but wow, there was quite a range.

Other than getting really cold in the rain, it was surprisingly fun to watch the competitors throw themselves fully in the workouts.  I was worried someone was going to get a kettlebell to the eye with the rain coming down the way it was, but surprisingly we didn’t see a single injury.


One thought on “The Latest on Me – a Fitness Update

  1. garyarthuryoung says:

    Keep up the good work, J. You’re doin’ it and doin’ it well.

    I watched some YouTube videos of women at the CrossFit Games and man they are strong. They had a bunch of women doing overhead squats for something like five minutes and some of them were going the whole time.

    Three sets of 12 is enough to sideline me for a few minutes.

    I definitely have to agree with you. Carbs/sugars lead to more carbs/sugars.

    Onward and upward, my friend.

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