Keep On Keepin’ On

Continuing my weekly installment in the Strong is the New Skinny Body Transformation Challenge.  Click here to see all posts on this topic.

I really don’t have much to report this week.  I’m out of my funk from last weekend. I’m still feeling good, having great workouts, and eating Paleo.

I realized after last week that of course in the end there really is no magic bullet to losing weight, there’s just eating less. (Duh.) However I do think there are better and worse ways to eat less, and while I’m not a great example of eating less right now (see below), I still believe that cutting carbs is overall a much easier and healthier way to eat less than cutting fat or protein.

I did an experiment on Tuesday and tracked my calories on LoseIt (an iPhone app) for the day (thanks for the idea Gary), and discovered that I was likely consuming somewhere between 2500 – 3000 calories a day during my month of very-low-carb paleo. So that would explain the lack of weight loss.  In fact it’s kind of astounding that I’m currently at equilibrium with that kind of calorie intake. (I’m not a small person, but that’s a lot of calories!)

I also did it to check my macronutrient ratios and discovered that perhaps I’m not getting quite enough protein to support my muscles.  So I’m trying to remember to eat a little more protein.

I’ve added fruit and some winter squash back into my diet which tastes great and is feeling good.  And also really dark chocolate, just because.

The low-carb thing was a really great experiment, and I’m so glad I did it.  I do feel like it helped disengage my previously insatiable desire for snacks. Now I still have the emotional-boredom-response side of the snacking urge to tackle, but the physiological side of it is seriously gone for the first time in my life.  I’m keeping an eye on my carb intake to keep the snacking urge in check too.

So I’m done doing anything drastic, at least for the time being.  I’m just going to keep eating Paleo, and like I said in the beginning of all this, practice practice practice only eating when I’m hungry, and tuning in to what my body wants to eat.

Perhaps I’ll stay the same weight, perhaps I won’t.  I’ll keep checking in here weekly, and we’ll see how it goes.

I’ll end with a little food for thought from the very cool blog Wild Movement. It’s from Mark Sisson answering the question “What is the key to optimum health?,” and very briefly sums up why I don’t expect to ever add grains back into my diet, other than for occasional treats:

The number one thing one can do to improve his or her overall health and fitness is to GIVE UP GRAINS. Why? They are a distinctly Neolithic food that the human animal has yet to adapt to consuming, they contain anti-nutrients (lectins, gluten, phytates) that are unhealthy and should be avoided, insoluble grain fiber (often touted as necessary for gastrointestinal tract health) is non-essential, there are better sources of vitamins and minerals (see meat, healthy fats and vegetables), and they are carb-dense. All-in-all they are completely and utterly pointless in the context of a healthy diet; nothing but a cheap source of calories.

What do you think? A year ago I would have thought that was a crock of shit, but I’ve been converted to a grain-avoider.

ONE MORE THING:  I forgot I was going to mention a new style-related discovery about my new body shape.  I used to have great luck with the tall line of pants and jeans from Banana Republic and Gap. I can’t wear any of them anymore with my current more athletic shape!  I ordered 12 pairs in assorted styles and sizes to see which would fit.  Every single one was too tight on my quads and too loose on my waist. Who are these things styled for?  I’ve got plenty of chunk around my middle but apparently not as much as they are expecting me to have to match my super-quads.  Any athletic-build women have any advice on where to shop for jeans?  Or maybe I’ll just wear a lot of dresses.


Monday, March 28

CrossFit: For Time-
– 50 Squats
– 40 Box jumps (used the medium box)
– 30 Push ups (knees)
– 20 Knees to elbows (L legs)
– 10 Burpees
– 10 Handstand push ups (knees on big box)
– 20 AbMat Sit ups
– 30 Dumbell push press (15 lb DBs)
– 40 Steps walking lunges
– 50 Kettlebell swings (25 lb KB)
Completed in 19:59

Ran .8 miles on the treadmill after the workout.

Tuesday, March 29

Did an easy 3 miles or so with a friend.

Wednesday, March 30

CrossFit:  3 Rounds of 5 minutes each, rest 1 minute between rounds
Start with 3 Clean and jerk (93#/135# starting weight, increase weight each round if possible)
AMRAP of Cindy – count total Cindy reps for all 3 rounds.
Clean & Jerk: 70-70-70
8 rounds of Cindy plus 3 pull-ups
Cindy is 5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups and 15 squats.
I did pull-ups with a green and a purple band, except one round of jumping pull-ups in the middle when someone was using one of my bands. Knee push-ups. 

Thursday, March 31

Running – Did a 5.3 mile loop at lunch and got sooo hot and dehydrated. I think I ran the first 3 miles too fast, I don’t really know how to pace myself right now. Finished in about an hour, which isn’t too promising for my sub-hour 10k goal next weekend, but I think the heat had a lot to do with it.  I think I’ll benefit by starting off a bit slower on race day too.

Friday, April 1

CrossFit:  4 Rounds for time
– 7 Snatch with a full squat (63#/95#)
– 9 Toes to bar
– 11 Push ups
– Row 250 meters
Completed in 16:58
Snatches: 40-35-35-35

Saturday, April 2

Climbing – Spent a couple hours and worked on quite a few 5.8s.  Maybe 7 or 8 total climbs, which is more than usual.

Sunday, March 20 – REST DAY


One thought on “Keep On Keepin’ On

  1. AlisonM says:

    Hey Janna — thanks for your comment on the caffeine / sugar crackdown. Sorry it’s taken me so long to respond — I don’t have a very good system for these things! Anyway, the tapering seems to have worked. I didn’t have crazy bad headaches, just some dull ones, and only a couple of days 🙂

    Also, the jeans — I know exactly what you mean! I get mine from a store called Oasis (in the UK) — they have some stretch in them, and are cut fairly high, so I wan wear them fairly snug around the waist and they still go over my butt / thighs. That’s my biggest tip really — look for pants with a bit of stretch in. I have some from Anne Taylor loft which are quite good for that actually. But yeah, Gap — totally useless!

    Good luck with the weightloss 🙂

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