The Chickens’ Day Out

It finally warmed up and dried out enough this weekend to give the chickens a test run in their coop.  We pulled it over a row of garden that we haven’t planted yet, after confirming that the young fava bean plants are safe for them to eat.

We also gave them a cup of grit and I scattered some on the ground in case they didn’t see the cup.  I expected them to be a little crazier and excited to be on the dirt, but they were reasonably mellow.

They definitely scratched, and ate some bugs and some greens, but probably not a ton of either.  I suspect it was enough of a change in their diet to explain the extra-odiferous nature of their poop that night, back in the box in our kitchen.

This weekend we’ll make the official move to becoming outdoor birds.  They’re totally ready, we’ve already turned off their heat lamp completely, and it should be plenty warm this weekend.

We’re pretty ready to have our kitchen back, too, and I can’t WAIT to scrub the kitchen floor.


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