What a Difference a Week Makes

I’m shocked at how much they’ve grown since last week.  If we had a digital scale I bet we could confirm my suspicion that they’ve doubled in size in just a week.  Their feathers growing in make them look a bit mangy.

I scooped up a couple sow bugs from our compost pile along with a little compost to see what they’d do, and they went kinda crazy pecking at it.  The sow bugs got pecked and dropped several times and I thought maybe they weren’t interested, but then they suddenly vanished.  The was a little worm that took them longer to catch on to, and then Lucy, the littler quieter Buff got it in her beak and all the others chased her around the table like mad to try to steal it from her.  I wish I’d caught it on camera but they were moving too fast. I intervened after a bit and held the others back to let Lucy eat her worm.

Last week they mostly kind of huddled together on the table to stay warm, but today there was much more exploring, including lots of falling off the table.  All of them seem to have enough wing feathers to avoid getting hurt when they fall.

The Black Australorps are growing faster than the Buff Orpingtons, and their tails and wings are much more pronounced.

They are all over the place now, it’s tough to get group shots.

Sorry for all the poop shots, they are little poop machines!


2 thoughts on “What a Difference a Week Makes

  1. Jessa says:

    Oh, they’re adorable! Are you giving them grit, since you’re feeding them solids?

    Australorps are big birds. They’ll outgrow your buffs pretty quick. Fortunately, they are also very gentle and won’t usually turn into flock bullies.

    Yay for chickens!

    • jannamo says:

      Good point, we haven’t started any grit yet. I read that they are OK at this age to get a couple bugs now and then to peck at, but I’ll probably wait to try any more until we make sure to give them some grit. So far the Australorps are doing much more posturing and squawking at each other than the Buffs, but they’re still tiny, so who knows. 🙂

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