Give me cute and fluffy, girls!

We had a photo shoot with the girls yesterday and they proved to be quite photogenic.  Surprisingly, they run all around in their box, but on the table they just stay put and huddle together mostly.

The burrowing under your sister’s butt behavior seems to be pretty typical.

They’ll peck at anything that’s a different color from the background it’s sitting on.  I assume this is them learning what’s edible.

They’re pretty calm on the table and we’re trying to pet and touch them as much as possible so they don’t freak out when we try to pick them up.

I didn’t get any good pictures of their wings, but we suspect the Black Australorps are a day or two older than the Buff Orpingtons because their wing feathers are as long as their bodies already and the Buffs’ wings are only about half that size.  We’ll probably need to put a screen over the top of their box sooner than later because of the Blacks.

We haven’t quite sorted out their names yet, but we’re thinking of Lucy, Xena, Lucretia and D’Anna (pronounced dee-AN-na).  Any thoughts on the names?


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